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Paleo Recipe Book

So here is my short comment on the Paleo Recipe Book: You could call it “Caveman eating made easy”. It was written by Sébastien Noël. The guy is a carefully tattoed chef and thecreator of as well as the Paleo Recipe Book.

When he was young, Sébastien experienced many awkward health problems that would eventually develop intosomething much more dangerous as the years went by. His first memories of thingsnot being right was when he began to suffer from severe migraines in his teens.

With the years, he started researching ways to make himself live better. He always had a thought that the causeof most health problems come down to cooking, diet and lifestyle. It took him manyyears of self-experimentation and nutritional research before he finally founda good approach to nutrition. The result is the Paleo Recipe Book

The logic behind the Paleo is quitesimple. Our  ancient ancestors (Paleolithic)were healthier than we are. You agree? ok!

Why? Because they not all the badstuff we eat. Rocketscience, eh? They ate solely what they could gather andhunt. This means a pre-agriculture diet that looks like this:

50% vegetables,

25% meat and eggs,

13% fruits,

10% fats and oils,

2% nuts and seeds.

No refined sugar

No processed foods

Only limited dairy.

If you want to know more about thisstay tuned  to this website or have a look in his book.


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