Paleo Food Recipes

This is a short website I set upfor for all those love food (books) and Paleo Food Recipes. I know, it is notperfect, but authentic.

Today people eat a lot of food garbage (not Paleo Food Recipes), basically because commercials and authority figures tell us to do so. It’s like this one:

Q: Why did the students eat theirhomework? A: Because the teacher said that it was a piece of cake.

Authority persons or corporates tell us something to be healthy food, when it is not. That is where the Paleo Food Recipes come in. They go back to the time when humans where living more closely with nature (Paleolithic), moved more and therefore ate more protein food. Below you can havea quick look at the picture and see what the Paleo Food Recipes are basically about:

In the other section oft he website you will find recipes and books to dive more into the subject.


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  1. Hello Guys, extremely cool website and I tried the cookbook. It’s a blast. Only did 3 menus so far, but amazing!!! Keep on..

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