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The Top 5 Paleo Celebrities on Twitter

Twitter has constantly been awash with countless tweets from people who have seen success with the paleo diet. People from every corner of the globe have been tweeting about how their new found passions for paleo food have made them feel better, lose weight, and increase energy. But as always, the loudest voices on twitter are the celebrity tweeters. So, who are the top five twitter celebrities who are lending their 125 characters to spread awareness of the mighty paleo diet?

5. Miley Cyrus (@Miley Ray Cyrus)

2013-miley-cyrusThe infamous daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus attributes her excellent body and high energy levels to her decision to give up gluten and pursue a way of eating more in line with the paleo diet. She tweeted in April 2012: “everyone should try no gluten for a week! The change in your skin, phyisical and mental health is amazing! U won’t go back!” Typos aside, Miley’s tweeted advice is right on point.

4. Lebron James (@KingJames)

lebron-james-pencil-drawingThe NBA player lost a huge amount of weight with his 67 day long paleo diet experiment this summer. He was quoted as saying “I had no sugars, no dairy, I had no carbs. All I ate was meat, fish, veggies and fruit. That’s it. For 67 straight days.” At the end of the 67 days, he tweeted a photo showing off his new paleo body looking good in a suave suit.

3. Phil Mickelson (@pmickelsonfans)

1418673036Phil MickelsonGolfer Phil Mickelson’s paleo success story has been all over twitter. The pro golfer told the world that he lost “a ton” of weight on the paleo diet, and twitter has been all over his inspiring story of personal growth through the benefits of eating like a caveman.

2. Matthew McConaughey (@_McConaughey)

fd377e392c1cd55b_matthewmcconaughey.xxxlarge_2Matthew supposedly “commits to a paleo diet 90% of the time”. He has been vocal abut the benefits of the paleo diet on twitter, including taking the time to verbally bash those who have come out against the diet. In late January, he tweeted the confusing “Paleo and I quit sugar”. Not sure what Matthew means by that, but every time a celebrity mentions paleo, more people find out about the diet and how good it is for them, so thanks…. I guess?

1. Jack Osbourne. (@JackOsbourne)
Reebok's 'The Sport Of Fitness Has Arrived' campaign launch - London
Jack famously announced to the world through an ABC article in 2012 that he was adopting the paleo diet for its anti inflammatory qualities. Jack was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 26, just after becoming a father to his daughter; Pearl Osbourne. Jack’s hope is that removing gluten, sugars and dairy from his diet will reduce inflammation, and help him to overcome his MS.

On Twitter, Jack often shared his favourite paleo recipes with the world. In October 2014, he tweeted a video showcasing his wife’s paleo pancake recipe.


The Top 5 Paleo Food Gurus on Facebook


The Top 5 Paleo Food Gurus on Facebook

While the Paleo way has conquered many of our homes and hearts, it needed heaps of herolds to make us understand and love this lifestyle. Being a total newby in the field, I wanted to find out, who the real tribal leaders are. So I checked many sources, but when it comes to Facebook, one lovely lady is clearly leading the tribe…

  1. Juli Bauers –323,504 likes


It would be an understatement to say that PaleOMG has been a major success. With a mix of inspiration and fun Juli Bauers has helped so many Paleo disciples to get through the week. „If you are not laughing during a post“, she writes, „or feeling uncomfortable when I talk about my love life (lack there of), I am doing something wrong.“ Amazing job!

  1. Mark Sisson –169,507 likes


In second place comes Mark Sisson with his Daily Apple’s. Personally I love this name and he seems to be much fun. Mark Sisson discusses the primal lifestyle in a modern world. He is also the author of a popular book, „The Primal Blueprint“, which focuses on weight loss, improved health, and more energy through a primal diet.

  1. Sarah Fragoso –162,778 likes


Third place goes back to the ladies: Sarah Fragoso is the main contributor to „Everyday Paleo“. Together with her band of like-minded she shares down-to-earth Paleo experience in a passionate way. This blog is an absolute must for mums who want to feed their whole little „flock“ in the Paleo style.

  1. The Paleo diet –90,468 likes

1510756_10151984171358759_798844387_n„Here come the experts“ While there has been a lot of discussions around the scientific legitimacy of this lifestyle, these guys have helped to get data on the table. Great job. The blog contains highly researched data supporting the Paleo food recipes, as well as practical tips for implementing a Paleo lifestyle.

  1. Chris Kresser, L.Ac –61,319 likes

397515_819693991416199_8385385599240064135_nWe had a good mix of people already, but we were missing Sherlock Holmes. „I’m a health detective. I help people with chronic, complex illnesses who haven’t been able to find help anywhere else.“, writes Chris about himself. He seems to be very successful with it and the crowd obviously gives her applause.




Paleo Food Recipes

This is a short website I set upfor for all those love food (books) and Paleo Food Recipes. I know, it is notperfect, but authentic.

Today people eat a lot of food garbage (not Paleo Food Recipes), basically because commercials and authority figures tell us to do so. It’s like this one:

Q: Why did the students eat theirhomework? A: Because the teacher said that it was a piece of cake.

Authority persons or corporates tell us something to be healthy food, when it is not. That is where the Paleo Food Recipes come in. They go back to the time when humans where living more closely with nature (Paleolithic), moved more and therefore ate more protein food. Below you can havea quick look at the picture and see what the Paleo Food Recipes are basically about:

In the other section oft he website you will find recipes and books to dive more into the subject.


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